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Bang Trim                             $15
Don't stress! I'll do it for you
Hair Cut                                $85
Whether you want to make a drastic change or a trim to your hair, you landed on the right service. Together we'll come up with a hair cut that suits your hair texture, lifestyle and needs.
All haircuts include:
Wash + blowout + styled to your desired look

Wash & Blow Out                $50
Wash + Scalp Massage + finished with a customized blowout & style​

Event Styling

Up do, half up, maybe a braid? 

In Salon                              $100+ 
Bridal Hairstyling               Price Varies

Woman in White



A cut or blow dry is mandatory with all colour services to insure you're happy with your colour 

Root Regrowth                  $75+

Do you have roots?  maybe greys? This is the perfect way to make sure all of those unwanted grey's go away or change up your colour a bit.

Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Full Colour                         $95+

Ready for a full-color refresh? if you want to cover your grey's and refresh your colour from roots to ends. This package is for you!

Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45



Includes Toner

Half Head of Highlights         $145+

Usually there's no need to do a full head of highlights every time, especially if your a dimensional blonde. My partial highlights could literally be a full head. This service includes the entire top section, sides and ponytail hairline (underneath for when you put your hair up in a ponytail)


Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Half Head of Highlights & Root Regrowth      $200+

Need your roots done but also want to refresh your highlights?  You can do both at the same time. This service includes the entire top section, sides and ponytail hairline (underneath for when you put your hair up in a ponytail) and root retouch.

Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Full Highlights                              $190+

When you want to be bright, light and oh so blonde, this service is for you! If you want highlights all over. Giving you the most impact. This service is also for you if you still like to leave some dimension in between but have highlights everywhere. 


Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Full Highlights & Root Regrowth    $245+

If you want highlights all over giving you the most impact, but also need to do your root giving you all over coverage. This service is for you


Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Woman by the Water

                                                     BALAYAGE & BABY LIGHTS

Face Frame/Money Piece       $75+       
When you love the sun kissed face framing pieces around your face. Or if you recently had highlights done and just need a little brightness around your face ? This service is for you. Face framing includes sides and front only. Want a bolder money piece? Great! Additional foils can be added for a bolder pop. Perfect for in between maintenance of your balayage.

Add Root Retouch +$70
Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Partial Balayage                        $225+
When you love that pop of light and contrast of dark

Add Root Retouch +$50
Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45

Full Balayage                            $265+
When you love that California or bright white blonde

Add Root Retouch +$50
Add Hair Cut  +$75 | Blow Dry +$45



Toner Refresh                   $55+
Refresh the tone of your blonde or add gloss & shine in between colour services

Add Hair Cut  +$80 | Blow Dry +$50

Malibu C & Tone                $90+
Could you use some brightening but not ready for highlights just yet & you want to refresh the tone of your blonde?

Add Hair Cut  +$80 | Blow Dry +$50


Keratin treatment is a chemical process that adds protein to the hair making it smooth, adds shine and makes frizzy hair manageable for up to 4-6 months.

Eliminates frizz
Deposit a high level of shine
Manageable and silky hair
Seals in colour & highlights
Cuts 50% your blow-dry time

This treatments includes a blow dry and style. 

Starting at $300+
Add Hair Cut +$75


                                                      HAIR TREATMENTS

Custom Mask                        $20+
Customized mask designed to target your hairs individual needs

Scalp Wellness                      $40+
Exfoliates unwanted flakes and build up from the scalp, stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth and also provides soothing from itchiness and scalp irritation

Strength Builder                    $40+
Protein building treatment for already damaged hair 

Signature Gloss Mask            $40+
Add shine & silkiness              

Damage Prevention               $50​+
Designed to prevent damage during coloring process.

Metal Detox Treatment         $50
Removes heavy metals from hair, leaving hair 2x shinier
and healthier with up to 99% less breakage



Extension quotes vary drastically and is strictly based on consultation.

During your consultation appointment we will review any concerns you may have with your hair, we'll talk about things like which method is best for your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve from having extensions, whether its length, fullness or both. We will then select the colour for your extensions so they match your hair perfectly or we can decide if colouring them is a better option. During the consultation you will leave with a plan in place so we can get you to the hair of your dreams!! 


Also known as fusions, hot fusions, or keratin tips, this method is tried, tested, and true. When installed correctly, bonds are lightweight, discreet, flexible, and durable. They’re attached by molding a keratin tip containing an individual bundle of hair around an equal amount of your hair.


- Can be worn for 3-6 months straight with no maintenance.

- Hair is NOT reusable.


 Lightweight, comfortable and re-usable, tape extensions are also very popular. They’re attached by sandwiching your hair between two tape panels.


- Requires maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

- Hair is reusable up to 6 - 8 months when properly cared for.



Removal Same-day tape lift (removal, wash & blow dry, reinstall, and style)

*Price provided at consultation 

Removal starts at $150+

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